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All kinds of boots and shoes repaired by independent cobbler in Baillieston, Glasgow.

Special Offers on Shoe Repairs

Men's Heels

Heels on men's shoes and boots replaced.

£10.99 or 2 pairs for only £15.00

sole being replaced on a shoe

Men's Heels

Heels on men's shoes and boots replaced.
£10.99 or 2 pairs for only £15.00

Men's Rubber Soles and Heels Replaced

Soles and heels on men's shoes and boots replaced with new rubber soles and heels.
£14.99 or 2 pairs for only £25.00

Ladies Heels

boot being reheeled

Heels on ladies' shoes and boots replaced.
£5.50 or 3 pairs for only £12.00

Ladies' Rubber Soles and Heels

Soles and heels on ladies shoes and boots replaced.
£9.99 or 2 pairs for only £15.00

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Local areas only - please call or email for details

Shoes re-soled, boots re-soled

shoe resoled

Don't throw away your shoes or boots when the soles get thin or worn through. Whether the soles are rubber or leather I can replace the sole and give your boots or shoes a new lease of life. You will have been wearing your boots or shoes for some time and the uppers fit comfortably to your feet. A new pair would take time to fit as comfortably.

Shoes heeled, boots heeled

shoe being resoled

Don't buy new shoes or boots just because the heels are worn down. I can replace rubber or leather heels on boots and shoes which gives them a new lease of life at a fraction of the price of a new pair. The uppers will probably fit comfortably to your feet and it would take time for a new pair to feel as good.

Stiletto heels replaced

shoe resoled

Has your stiletto heel come off?

I can replace the stiletto heels on your boots quickly at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of boots.

Shoe stitching repaired

shoe resoled

If the stitching on your shoe or boot has burst I can often repair it at a fraction of the cost of buying a new pair.

Please ask for details.

Eyelets replaced

Eyelets on boots can become loose or broken. I can often fit new eyelets and restore the comfortable fit you love.

Note About Repair Prices

Prices of shoe repairs and boot repairs are subject to change. Please check before agreeing work to be carried out.

Call on 0754 737 9020 to check prices or to find out more.